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Once you have identified and prayed about the issue you wish to focus on, you might like to search on JSH-Online for a Sentinel or Journal article or podcast to share with your online audience.

When selecting an article or podcast to share:

Keep it simple

Make sure that it is simple, clear, not too long, and speaks earnestly from someone’s experience. The whole point of asking people to click on the article is to address in simple terms the exact fear or belief that is predominant in thought. Don’t build up anticipation only to disappoint with a lengthy or obscure article.

Keep it relevant

Choose a topic and title that is directly relevant to the issue and addresses the leading fear. See more in the tutorial Identifying an issue to write about.

The article and accompanying image should appeal to a local audience. Avoid articles that use jargon or where the language is dated.

Don’t preach

Avoid “preachy” articles. Choose articles that speak from the heart.

If you want to add key metaphysical points to your post, consider using quotations from the Bible or Science and Health. See the tutorial Choosing quotations for your web pages.

Choosing an image

You should also consider using an image to accompany the article title to bring hope and interest. See more in the tutorial Introduction to choosing images.

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