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Understand the legal implications of using certain images, where to find good images, how to add text to your images and more.

Images of your branch and community

Think about the qualities you want your photos to express - lightness, brightness, welcoming, friendly, etc. You want to project a favourable impression. Consider whether to hire a professional photographer to take a few good images of your branch building and Reading Room.

Internal photos should appear bright and interesting, inviting and friendly. Spend some time tidying up and removing any tatty or old books before the photographer arrives. If you want people in your photos, give them some notice and plan out how you want the photography session to go.

External photos are best taken at dusk with the lights on inside, and the door open. Warm and welcoming is key. The main objective here is to help people find you, and decide whether they want to come in or not.

If you are hiring a photographer, it is also a good idea to get them to take a few images of your community - the beach, mountains, a sunset, or anything that is unique about your community or surrounding district. These can be used for promotional materials as well as on your website.

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