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The jointly-maintained Christian Science Reading Room in Sydney wanted a small 2-page website that was fresh and inviting. They supplied the text and images of their beautiful Reading Room. The design reflects the freshness and visual interest of the Reading Room’s colour scheme.

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The website redesign for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Perth needed to be easy for members to update, and filled with resources for new seekers and seasoned Christian Scientists alike.

Members supplied many images of Western Australian flora and fauna, and the church’s historical building, which make this website extra special and very unique to its location.

Built using the “Autumn Leaves” design.

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Christian Science Society, Toowoomba contacted me to build a fresher, more modern website. The beautiful images of Queen’s Park and the famous flower show in Toowoomba they supplied bring a lot of warmth to their pages. When combined with their thoughtful wording there is a sense of originality and freshness to the website.

Built using “The Avenue” template.

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During the redesign of the website for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sydney, a key requirement was the ability to update the pages regularly with fresh content and images. The chosen template has attractive banners and galleries incorporated into its own page-builder, so that members do not need to work in multiple screens or use multiple plugins.

The “Christian healing today” page includes a gallery of images with links to articles and testimonies of healing that can be easily changed as needed.

Built using the “Autumn Leaves” design.

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Talksthatchangelives.org. The lecture committees of the 6 branch churches in southeast Queensland wanted a joint website to advertise their Christian Science lectures, so that people could find out what was on in the one location and subscribe to one newsletter.

They wanted a website that showed activity and that was focused on the lecture events exclusively. It needed to meet searcher’s search terms, and each lecture should appear in Google event searches.

The result is a website that is bold with statements that meet people’s questions, and photographs of lecturers in action prominently displayed. 

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Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Newport Beach, California (Corona del Mar) wanted a website with a bright, lively, beachy feel, that welcomed visitors with joy and non-judgement.

The colour scheme, images, and text were chosen to reach out and bring a sense of inclusivity to the website visitor, no matter who they are. Members provided many beautiful images of Corona del Mar.

Built using the “Cherry Blossom” template.

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Before settling on the final design of the website for Christian Science Society, Wynnum, the members spent a number of months praying with the Church Manual and the definition of “Church” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

The result is a design that aims to express the principles of “local self-government”, “rousing the dormant understanding…to the apprehension of spiritual ideas”, and keeping “abreast of the times”. To keep the website fresh, all members take turns in a monthly team activity that starts with prayer for the community.

This design is based on “The Avenue” template, with extra pages added.

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The members of Christian Science Society, Redcliffe wanted a website that was unique to them, modest, and reflective of their seaside location.

A lot of thought went into their website copy, with a focus on the spiritual journey of the visitor. They also supplied a number of images from their church and community.

The design is simple, elegant, and structured, with each page designed to encourage exploration and discovery. A circled image at the bottom of each page increases the sense of anticipation and delight.

Built using the “Morning Dew” design.

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Azaleas in the springtime, grown on their own church grounds, form a stunning welcome to visitors of the website for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Jamestown, New York. This gorgeous array expresses the richness and abundance which the members sought to convey to their community.

Members use a feature post on the Homepage to respond to challenges faced by their community. A “Church History” page provides historical context to the establishment of the church in the early pioneering days of the Christian Science movement.

Built using the “Dappled Light” design.