I finished this one last year. It was a great opportunity to create a new template that allows a background image in the footer, as well as animations. Thus, the “Fairy wren” template was born.

The members wanted their new website to express activity and love, and to echo their progressive, vibrant city. Animations, slideshows, fonts and colour were used to bring movement and make the site engaging. Background images of their beautiful city give a sense of place.

Here is what they had to say:

“You might think that going all the way to Australia for a website designer is a bit odd but once we saw examples of her previous work, we knew RedJanet was the right choice for our church. Leah’s thoughtful and insightful ideas helped transform our basic ideas into a wonderful website that is informative and engaging. It covers all the aspects of our church, from our services to Sunday school, to our lecturers, to links to articles, etc. Our members have given it glowing reviews as well. It encompasses our community outreach ideas too. Leah was super patient with our many questions and several edits and was always willing to change it to our satisfaction. She is extremely knowledgeable about the different servers on the internet and how compatible our site was with them and was very helpful. Her knowledge prevented making a software error that would have affected our email system.

“We can’t say enough about her talent and professional attitude. It was a wonderful experience working with her and the results are spectacular!

“Many thanks, Leah.”

— Jeff, Sally and Janie, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Atlanta, GA U.S.A.

Check out their new website here: ChristianScienceAtlanta.com