The services described on this site are provided specifically to Churches of Christ, Scientist. For other web design services click here.

Website design for branches…

No matter where you are in the world, my special focus is helping you reach out to your local community.

My design services offer...

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Be found by your “community”

  • keyword research on your local area included in website setup
  • help writing content that is directly relevant to people’s search terms
  • advertising campaign management for events on Google and/or social media.


Never be out of date

  • widgets update automatically with current links and content e.g. the current week’s podcast title & synopsis
  • events display as “Events” on Google and disappear from your website when the date is passed
  • images chosen for their timeless qualities
  • modern uncluttered design.


Bring a sense of peace, hope and joy to your website visitors

  • balanced design with space to contemplate the ideas expressed
  • quality free images, or your images, thoughtfully chosen and placed
  • a focus on your visitor’s experience when navigating your site
  • order, clarity, simplicity.

Options for branches

You can choose from either:

Each comes with my support to add images and text to suit your individual branch needs.

These website designs and templates have been developed specifically for Churches of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science branch churches, societies, and groups). Click on these links to read more:

My work

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The website for Christian Science Society, Wynnum took about 6 weeks to build, but prior to this members spent a number of months praying with the Church Manual and the definition of “Church” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

The result is a design that aims to express the principles of “local self-government”, “rousing the dormant understanding…to the apprehension of spiritual ideas”, and keeping “abreast of the times”. To keep the website fresh, all members take turns in a monthly team activity that starts with prayer for the community.

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The members of Christian Science Society, Redcliffe wanted a website that was unique to them, modest, and reflective of their seaside location.

A lot of thought went into their website copy, with a focus on the spiritual journey of the visitor. They also supplied a number of images from their church and community.

The design is simple, elegant, and structured, with each page designed to encourage exploration and discovery. A circled image at the bottom of each page increases the sense of anticipation and delight.

Built using the “Morning Dew” design.

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Azaleas in the springtime, grown on their own church grounds, form a stunning welcome to visitors of the website for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Jamestown, New York. This gorgeous array expresses the richness and abundance which the members sought to convey to their community.

Members use a feature post on the Homepage to respond to challenges faced by their community. A “Church History” page provides historical context to the establishment of the church in the early pioneering days of the Christian Science movement.

Built using the “Dappled Light” design.