Earlier this year I completed these 2 projects for the churches in Chatswood (Sydney) and Adelaide. It was a pleasure to build these 2 websites!

I’ll be updating them on behalf of the churches including adding upcoming lecture details, so that they can be found as “events” on Google.

Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Sydney (Chatswood)

The members wanted activity and colour to reflect their active local community. We went with the “Rainbow Lorikeet” template, which allows for colourful elements that animate as you hover over them. I also used animations when building the pages to create interest and movement.

The church is a beautiful, modern building, and I tried to incorporate a clean look with some curved lines, taking inspiration from the curved wall at the front of the church.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Adelaide

Inspiration for this design was taken largely from the beautiful, modern Reading Room fitout in downtown Adelaide. The church members wanted a classic look, and the black-on-white contrasts beautifully with the bright orange mimicking their Reading Room. The text used throughout was thoughtfully written by members, making this website very unique.