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Reach out to your community…

These fun and contemporary 8-page designs showcase the unique characteristics of your Christian Science branch and support your outreach to the community.

The setup of the website is all taken care of! Based on our discussion, your questionnaire responses and my research on your location I bring your love for the community to life. All images, text, and colours​ are customised according to the look and feel you are seeking. Page content and layout are completely flexible according to the specific needs of ​your branch.

If you are wanting page layout and content flexibility or the ability to reach out with blog posts or social media integration, this option is for you.

Features include:

  • choice of page layouts or stick with the template design
  • auto-updating widgets, including Sentinel Watch episodes, upcoming events, etc
  • feature upcoming events in widget areas or the Homepage which a link to a separate page for each event
  • all images replaced with your images or I supply free images according to your desired look and feel
  • all text and page names can be modified to suit your individual branch needs
  • local keyword research and meta-descriptions to improve SEO
  • built with WordPress.org
  • mobile responsive
  • free SSL security certificate.

With full support hosting package:

  • create your own blog posts or add events or extra pages
  • display your “latest post/s” in widget areas or as a slider on the Homepage
  • edit pages with easy to use drag-and-drop style editor
  • training documentation, email and Skype support.

"Autumn Leaves"

Showcase your own images or take advantage of the beautiful imagery throughout this design.

Versatile 8 page design that includes:

  • optional image galleries
  • full width sliders
  • flexibility to choose your own fonts, font colours and sizes
  • Sentinel Watch episode synopsis on podcast page
  • your choice of widgets in the footer.
  • Christian Science branch website template Morning Dew by RedJanet Web Design

    "Morning Dew"

    A fresh palate with clean lines and plenty of white space to rest the eye.

    8 page design that includes:

  • attractive blue accents
  • links menu in footer
  • "back to top" button
  • your choice of widgets in the footer.
  • "Rainbow Lorikeet"

    A fun and lively design.

    8 page design that includes:

  • Homepage slider fills the screen or single image with animated text
  • a number of options to display links or posts on the Homepage
  • your choice of colours and font sizes throughout
  • your choice of widgets in the footer.
  • "Dappled Light"

    Let your beautiful imagery take centre stage.

    8 page design that includes:

  • video or still photograph as Homepage feature
  • modern scrolling effect on Homepage
  • preview feature pages on the Homepage
  • main menu sticks to the top as you scroll
  • your choice of widgets in the footer.
  • If you would like to view the designs, please contact me here. All page layouts, image placement, and text are copyright.