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Simple yet refined…

These beautiful 4-page templates are designed to simply express the love of your Christian Science branch for its community. Extraneous information and wordiness have been removed. The result is uncluttered and tailored to your specific location and desired look and feel.

If your branch is looking for a professional-looking website unique to your location, but with minimal effort, this option is for you. Based on our discussion, your questionnaire responses, and my research on your location, I modify colours, images, and text to bring out the look you are seeking. We then work together to tweak things until you are happy with the result.

Features include:

  • auto-updating widgets, including Sentinel Watch episodes, upcoming events, etc 
  • feature upcoming events in widget areas that link to event pages
  • all images replaced with your images or I supply free images according to your desired look and feel
  • all text and page names can be modified to suit your individual branch needs
  • local keyword research and meta-descriptions to improve SEO
  • built with WordPress.org
  • mobile responsive
  • free SSL security certificate.

With full support hosting package:

  • create your own blog posts or add events or extra pages
  • display your “latest post/s” in widget areas
  • edit pages with easy to use drag-and-drop style editor
  • training documentation, email and Skype support.

To keep this option simple and cost-effective the page layout remains the same. The 4th page can be “Contact Us” or a special focus page, such as Reading Room or Sunday School.


A full-width 4-page template with dynamic Homepage slider.

  • Your choice of up to 5 slider images on Homepage with text over.
  • Customise header image and footer background colour.
  • Your choice of featured image on About Us and Contact Us pages.
  • Contact details and map on footer of every page.
  • Up to 3 additional widgets in the footer.
  • Optional text in the Header Bar at top of screen.
  • Sidebar on podcast page shows upcoming episodes.
  • "Cherry Blossom"

    A clean, simple 4-page template with a "boxed" layout.

  • Up to 10 randomised header images.
  • Choose any colour for background, header text, & widget headings.
  • Your choice of background image on each page which can be either scrolling or fixed.
  • 5 widget areas: 3 on every page; 2 extra widgets can be displayed on any page.
  • Sidebar on podcast page shows current episode synopsis.
  • "Ladybug"

    With lots of white space and an attractive font, this 4-page template lets you showcase a different image on each page.

  • Header down left hand side.
  • Choose any colour or image for header background.
  • Can have multiple widgets in header, and 3 on the Homepage.
  • Podcast page shows current episode synopsis.
  • "The Avenue"

    A structured, full-width 4-page template with beautiful full-screen Homepage image and text over.

  • Choose your own image and text to showcase on the Homepage as a "hero" (fills the screen whatever device you are viewing it from).
  • Structured Homepage with defined sections - one links to 3 other pages; one "Call to Action" section that links anywhere.
  • Different large featured image on each page.
  • 3 widget areas in footer. Sidebar on other pages shows upcoming podcast episodes, plus optional extra widget.
  • Example screenshots showing Home, About Us, Weekly Podcast, and Contact Us pages*: 

    About Us
    Weekly Podcast
    Contact Us

    *The 4th page can be “Contact us” or an optional feature page such as “Reading Room” or “Sunday School”.

    If you would like to view the templates, please be in touch. All page layouts, image placement, and text are copyright.