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Free image websites

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There are many free image websites that offer a huge library of images to choose from, with new ones being added all the time. There are also many that offer paid images, but I have not found it necessary to use these.

The following are some guidelines for choosing images from a free image website.

Complement your message

A good image can help to illustrate the spiritual ideas that you want to convey on your web pages. If an image is used without regard for the idea you are trying to express on that page, it will detract from the message rather than help to illustrate it.

The other aspect to consider when choosing an image, is delight. An image of a sunrise or a blossom can be beautiful, but if they are used too often they will lose their impact. Try to be creative and keep a degree of variation and delight throughout your website images. Choose images that make people think about the topic in a fresh way.

Use of images with recognisable faces

It is a good idea to avoid images with recognisable faces in them. Read more here about some of the risks of using certain types of images, even when sourced from free image websites.

Links to free image websites

The following websites offer free images. Be sure to select the free ones, not sponsored, unless you are happy to pay for them.

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