Avoid litigation when using images

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Avoid litigation when using images

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Breach of copyright and model permission

When using images on your website, it is important to obtain the correct permissions so as not to breach copyright laws.

Here are a few simple rules that I recommend you observe. This is not an exhaustive list and should not be considered legal advice.

Images of people

  • If you are using an image showing recognisable faces, get written permission via a model release form from those people (or their parents if they are children). Even if the image has come from a free image website, it is not worth the risk of incurring legal action. Refer to the Christian Science Website Guidelines for tips and information also.

Images found on the internet

  • Do not “steal” images found on the internet via search engines etc. You could be in breach of copyright and your branch could be sued.


  • Avoid images that include any trademarks or copyrighted works. Logos or objects in the photo with logos on them can fall into this category.
  • You must have a licence to use the Cross and Crown trademark. See the Applying for licenses tutorial for more information. The Cross and Crown may not be used as a favicon or avatar, even if you have a license to place it on your website.

Images sourced from other websites

  • Linking to another website does not automatically mean you can use the images displayed there. For example, if you are linking to a page on ChristianScience.com you cannot copy the images on that page and use them as your link image without permission.
  • The exception to this is the Daily Lift logo, which I have already requested permission to use. It should only be used to link to the Daily Lift page on ChristianScience.com.
  • Book covers sourced from the CSPS Online Shop are okay to use to promote those products – more information is contained in the Christian Science Website Guidelines.
  • If you want to use an image from ChristianScience.com or JSH-Online.com, and are unsure if it is okay to use, email permissions@csps.com.

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