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Choose quotes that comfort and heal

When choosing quotes for your web pages and posts, think about what might have motivated your visitor to come to that page. Respond with quotes that simply and directly address their fears or answer their questions. Focus on bringing comfort and healing to the individual dealing with the issue, even if they don’t have time to read further or click on the link. Show by example that the Pastor is an effective healer today.

If you are featuring a link to an article you may find suitable quotes within the article itself.

Link to the source

Consider including a link to the website where the source material may be found such as Concord Express. That way if people want to read more they can.

(To obtain a hyperlink to the specific citation on Concord Express, search for the citation, highlight the words you want to link to, copy, and paste into another document. The hyperlink will appear underneath the citation.)

Hymns or quotes from sources other than the Pastor

If you wish to quote a hymn verse or line, please be aware that there may be copyright restrictions.

There are no copyright restrictions on quotes from Prose Works.

For quoting other writings by Mary Baker Eddy such as excerpts from her letters, email permissions@csps.com. More information is available from the following sources:

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