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Relevance to local community concerns

The whole idea of having a website is to be found. In order to be found your website needs to show “proof of its utility” (see definition of “Church” in Science and Health). Therefore it is important to pray and write about topics that have current relevance to your community.

Website posts are a good way to create a page that is devoted to that one topic. A page that is focused on a topic is more likely to be found in search engine results by people searching on that topic. See more information under the tutorial Posts: focusing on a current topic of local relevance.

Identify the leading fear

When writing a post on a current local issue, start by examining local news reports and your own daily experiences. Identify the leading fear or belief that is predominant in thought. For example, the problem of “domestic violence” may point to underlying issues of anger and self control, culture and attitudes towards women, self esteem and self worth, or drug dependency.

Before writing about your chosen topic, correct your own thought on these issues. It is difficult to help others if you haven’t addressed the fear in your own thought.

Plan ahead

Also think about current events such as International Women’s Day, Easter, Christmas, back to school, etc. It is a good idea to look for an article to share which both addresses the leading fear you’ve identified, and relates to current events in your community.

A good title

When it comes to being found by online searchers, nothing beats a good title. The title of your page or post is the number one thing that helps it appear in search results.

If sharing an article from JSH-Online, look for one with a good title that is directly relevant to current community concerns. Consider using the article title as the name of your post. Article titles are also usually written to bring hope to the reader.

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