Website planning checklist

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The following are suggested steps you might like to consider when planning your website.

  1. Form a committee to make key decisions about website layout, text and images.
  2. Decide on a domain name (website address). This cannot be changed once registered. (.org and domain names are often used by non-profits)
  3. Complete the RedJanet Registration Form. You will receive an invoice for 12 months hosting plus deposit for website setup.
  4. At this point I usually recommend we discuss your individual branch needs over the phone or Skype.
  5. Complete the RedJanet Questionnaire (supplied at the time) to tell me what you want your website to say, and what look/feel you want your website to have. This includes indicating which design or template is preferred.
  6. Supply images of your church and local area. You may wish to hire a photographer. Refer to the image guidelines tutorials for help.
  7. Review my initial draft design.
  8. Apply for a license to display the Cross and Crown trademark (I will send you a screenshot mockup of your draft website to go with your application).
  9. Review the final design.