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View Analytics data

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To view your analytics data via the Monster Insights plugin:

1. Log in to your website using your branch’s credentials. (The login screen is [your domain]/wp-login.php). You will be taken to the Dashboard.

2. Scroll down and click on “Insights”  in the LHS black panel. The MonsterInsights reporting page will open.

3. Scroll down and view the data for the past month.

To view more data in Google Analytics:

4. Click on the blue buttons to view more data directly in Google Analytics.

(If you do not have the proper access to the data in Google Analytics, a popup box will appear. Click to request access. Access can only be granted if you have a gmail email address.)

To receive a monthly email from Google Analytics:

5. You can also have Google Analytics email you a monthly snapshot of your data.

Follow step 4 above to access Google Analytics, then:

(a) Click on “Admin”  on the bottom left.

(b) Go to the “User”  tab.

(c) Tick the box  next to “Performance Suggestions and Updates”.

(d) Click “Save Changes” . Another panel will open up underneath.

(e) Click on the  until you can tick the box  next to “All Web Site Data”.

(f) Click “Save Changes”  again. You should receive an email each month.