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Manage Bookings

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The “Manage Bookings” page allows you to see who has booked seats at your events, and to manage those bookings.

1. Go to the “Manage Bookings” page. (If you are logged in, the link should appear in your navigation menu underneath the “Manage Events” link.)

2. The “Settings”  icon allows you to add or remove the columns that appear on a screen.

(a) Click the “Settings” icon. A “Settings” popup screen will appear showing the highlighted columns down the LHS.

(b) Drag the columns from left to right and vice versa, then click “Save Settings” .

3. To Reject a booking, click “Reject” next to that booking. The individual will not receive an email, however their booking will have the status of “Rejected” if they visit the “My Bookings” screen.

To reinstate a rejected booking and send the individual a confirmation email:

(a) Click on the name of the Event under “Events with Bookings Enabled”.

(b) Scroll down and find the rejected booking. Click “Approve” . The booking will be reinstated and the individual will receive an email confirming their booking.

NB: If you do not wish the individual to receive an email follow step 5(a) instead below.

4. To Delete a booking, click “Delete”  next to that booking. Click “OK”. (WARNING: THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED.)

The individual will not receive an email. The booking will disappear from both your “Manage Bookings” screen, and their “My Bookings” screen.

5. For more options to view and manage a specific booking, click “Edit/View”  next to the booking. The “Edit Booking” screen will open.

From here you can:

(a) Change the status of the booking to “Pending”, “Rejected”, “Cancelled”, etc. Click “Change”  to update the Status, tick or untick the box to then click “Submit Changes” . The user will only get an email if the box was ticked.

(b) Resend an email to the user confirming their booking. Click “Resend Email” .

(b) Modify the number of seats booked by the user, or adjust the user’s comments. Click “Modify booking” , make the necessary changes, then click “Submit Changes” .

(c) Add your own internal notes under “Booking Notes”. Type the notes into the box then click “Add Note” .