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Decisions, decisions!! Which widget will work well? If you’re undecided about which widget to put where, here are a few points to consider:

1. Your local seeker – put their needs first.

  • What are they interested in? What might peak their interest and encourage them to investigate further?
  • Does the Homepage look interesting and inviting?
  • Is it too busy? Remove clutter in favour of small snippets of information. Remember that people will visit your Homepage for various reasons and you need to anticipate why they are visiting and not waste their time with too much information that’s not relevant to what they are seeking.
  • Try to keep it restful and contemplative, so that anyone who arrives will feel that healing is possible.

2. Your members and adherents, and their “user experience”.

  • Your members and adherents are also very important users, so be sure not to forget their needs too. If the site is interesting for visitors, it is likely to be interesting to members as well.
  • Information such as contact details, details of upcoming events, or the latest Sentinel Watch episode are likely to be important things for returning visitors to quickly and easily access (with one click).

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