Christian Science Society, Wynnum

RedJanet was integral to helping our branch achieve our website aims. We wanted to build a website that expressed the truth, love and activity of Christian Science and that was unique to our branch. We wanted it to accurately represent Christian Science and stay true to the intent of the Church Manual.

Our focus was on responding to the questions asked by people in our local area – both online and in person via our Reading Room and lectures. We wanted to provide clear, simple, uncluttered messages of Christian Science, to let Love shine through, and to link to the “ably edited” content on when fuller explanations were needed. The website was to be ‘fresh’ – to auto-update wherever possible, and to involve all branch members in ongoing input.

RedJanet supported our goals by supplying beautifully relevant images that spoke to the heart, arranging uncomplicated page layouts, managing email and advertising campaigns, teaching us how to find local keyword searches and adding meta descriptions to improve our search results. RedJanet’s attention to detail and deep love of Christian Science in action made our web-building and web-maintaining activity a joy.

– Anita, Christian Science Society, Wynnum, Queensland, Australia